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Friday, October 28, 2011

countryside cafe

visited a cafe in a country side, heard it is located in the middle of the rice farm and i was
so looking forward to see the beautiful rice field through the large window while we eat
but unfortunately the crop was harvested just few days ago, ....
but we enjoyed watching spacious land and farmers working on their field,
they who like to experiment farming rent the portion of farm and enjoying
working on their soil, sowing seeds, taking the weed out once in a while,
harvest some veges when the season comes
there are some colorful flowers and witner veges they are growing right now,


  1. What a wonderful cafe set in the farms! The meal looks delicious, as well.

  2. When you live in an appartement in Belgium, you can rent a small spot that you can use for farming. It's so beautiful to see all these different plots.

    It looks like had an amazing time!