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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eiffel tower

I got on the bus to work as usual, sat on the single seat by the window,
as the bus started running slowly, i was thinking about something....
it is rather dream like ...not sure if it's possible, but can't help myself
being longing for something i've wanted for a long time

it would so wonderful to visit countryside of France and Italy,
go see things in other places in European coutries for a while,
not just visiting, the ideal situation is to live there..
but not even sure how to do it without having anyone i know,
without speaking their language
would i just visit a month to see how it goes and then later,
go back for more adventure for a long live there possibly.

then the bus stopped near my work, oh my imaginary dream plan 
has to stop here for now. 


  1. oh! But you can try it! With all your beautiful food i am sure that you would set out a little japanese restaurant!

  2. Dreams like that can come true though.. As long as you are realistic about your goals, just take little steps at a time: decide where you'd want to go, check out visa requirements, think about what jobs/(scholarships, even?) you could apply for, check out websites advertising jobs etc.
    Going somewhere first for a short time will make things easier, especially if you know beforehand what it is you want to find out once you are there.

    (But maybe this is not at all what you'd want to hear.. Apologies if I am being presumptious! Dreaming about these things on its own is a wonderful thing too..)

  3. @alicia, thanks for the encouraging word. that would be so nice!

    @jannette, my love of cooking never stops...when i have fresh ingredients each time, new idea comes to my mind naturally and i really enjoy creating with my imagination, it is so satisfying and fun.
    thank you for your message.

  4. you must really do that. And when you'd like to see Belgium, you're very welcome to stay here with us.

  5. traveling & meeting other cultures is one of the most amazing & enriching experiences. i'd would travel more if i could afford it.
    i wish your travel dream comes true and if you ever go see the Eiffel Tower, please let me know, and i'll be more than happy to meet you for a cup of tea (or coffee !!)

  6. I so agree with you! I like to travel but not as much as actually stay in the country and take the time to meet the people living there and try to understand and share the way they live...