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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

fabric and risotto

a friend gave my sister a box full of left over fabric
my sister gave me those fabric
now i am thinking of patch working
there are lots of antique design ones

i forgot to buy some bread again...nothing eatable in my poor kitchen
only thing i have is left over rice and soup
♪ ♬ when this happens,
     what do you do with your breakfast?
i got out the minestrone soup and rice,
made risotto with poached egg on it 
now i have something to make my hungry belly a pinch of smile

alicia gave me the seed,
sowed them at the end of summer while other plants are ready
to put fall clothes on,
having not much green in my fall garden,
this nastatium is making me smile every morning when i open the window,
the pot is placed right next to my livingroom
here is smiley faces of nastatium

have a good day ❀


  1. :) I always try to have toasted bread at home in case I forget to buy fresh one. This flowers are very nice. A little fruit is growing in my cardiospermum, I'm so excited!

  2. Oh so lovely! Makes me miss my nasturtium plant that died when I was on vacation :(
    It makes your place really look like summer! Did you try some nasturtium leaves for eating?
    They taste really good!

  3. Not a bad meal considering the cupboard was empty. What's more you can eat the nasturtium flowers in your pudding or salad. For free!

  4. Que fabuloso regalo! imagino que cosas muy bellas surgirán con esas telas en tus manos.
    Me llama la atención que los desayunos que has mostrado son , para mi, comida de almuerzo. En el desayuno acostumbro a comer yogurt o kefir con avena fruta fresca y frutos secos... o taza de té con tostadas de pan....
    El jardín en macetas esta muy verde aun... como se siente el otoño?