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Thursday, October 6, 2011

morning hour

morning hour is my favorite time of the day,
now the air has gotten cooler, it is hard to get up in the morning,
and i enjoy staying in warm bed little longer,
but today, encouraged myself to get up little early,
had a small quick breakfast, then made cup of tea,
enjoyed some magazine.....
trying to get coordination idea of what to wear,
i often wish i had more decent selection in my closet but
sometimes it is more fun trying to find different ways of
coordinating what i already have

it was a nice quiet morning

the moon was kind enough to watch me over
till i got on the bus on the way home tonight
                                                   good night ☾
                                                            :: :  :  : zzz


  1. My favorite time of the year too! Enjoy the warm bed and your beautiful surroundings, Coco! Good night, buonanotte!

  2. Here weather has finally changed a lot. It rained the whole night and also on day and I turned on the heater the first time. Somehow I like it :)

  3. Your morning sounds so familiar. I, too, love equally getting up before everyone else and having some time to read and sip tea, and also nestling a little deeper in bed on the cool mornings.
    You have a very nice space here.