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Thursday, October 13, 2011


the jewelry shop was located on a little hilly place in town. 
my sister and i walked around the neighborhood and
took a peakof each boutiques ....lot of intriguing
things as we see
it was many years ago
i still kept this flower necklace but the chain is broken....
i need to find a way to fix it


  1. Pretty... It's quite special, how little things can take you straight back, sometimes, to a specific place and time. Lovely, how that lights up a day.

    (I have recently discovered your blog. Odayaka de, suki desu. Shashin mo kirei desu shi. Arigato gozaimasu!)

  2. @jannette
    thank you. i would love to visit your blog too is you have it.
    glad you are here. hope you are not too homesick...
    you can always come back visit here.
    @Menthe Blanche
    i was thinking about taking off this post but not now...thanks for the nice word

  3. Es muy delicada y femenina la pequeña corona de flores, y veo que tiene hermosos recuerdos añadidos... una joya!