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Thursday, October 27, 2011


i started working on sashiko stiching
just concentrating on each stiches
this takes my mind off from little things

happy thursday morning to you


  1. I've been reading so much about the stitch, but never got around trying it. I should purchase some patterns and try it. Good luck with it!

  2. Wow, Coco, I think this work will look great in the end! It already does now! Unfortunately I don't have a garden space or balcony in my student's appartement, but maybe I can create a little space infront of my window next spring.

  3. I love stiching when I want to relax my mind. It is the first time I hear about sashiko stiching, must read something about it.
    Your plants look very nice!

  4. This is my first time to learn the name, "sashiko stitching". I am feeling quite interested in this stitching skill now.
    Agree, that's why I love doing embroidery.

  5. Lovely stitching! The red mushrooms are not edible.
    unfortunately my cardiospermum did not get balloons, it got flowers, but then it died. It is surly because I had it only inside. I can't wait to have a garden to be able to try them outside :)

  6. Here in the north part of Sweden the flowering finished when the frost was too hard and the first snow fell. The flower in my latest post was photographed in the middle of this summer, now there is no such thing left here. Your garden seems even still to be filled with beautiful flowers.
    Have a nice day.

  7. Me perdí varios días, ahora acabo de gozar con tus fotos, labores y pensamientos....
    Mi capuchina (Tropaelum majus) está grandiosa como la tuya!
    El sashiko es lo que me tiene apasionada este último tiempo, aunque no sabia su nombre, estoy acolchando y haciendo bolsos con esa técnica... adaptada. Siempre me asombran las coincidencias ¡sincronía significativa!

  8. While I was watching your pictures I was thinking. oh, her embroideries remind me of 'sashiko', and than I saw what you wrote down. So beautiful.