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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

story of apple

i could have taken a bus but instead i walked to outlet, on the way home
i walked some more, seeing trees, taking a little peak at little shops, stoped
at fresh fruits&vege store on the street, bought some apple,
the man talked about which apple taste good, listened his
apple story ...was interesting, never thought about freezed apple,
m,i may go back to his vege&fruits store on the street again,
..the red apple tasted very good as he said with confidence,
i've seen this pink flower on the ground lately, love the clover leaf and
the pink color is so bright to my eyes, i picked some came home with me,
they will be with me in my garden from now on...
will feed them and grow them in my place


  1. In my garden are too pink flowers.They are pretty and it is a little bit funny to watch them cource all trees are almoust without leaves now.Your day has been sweet.

  2. a story about apples and adoption—the adoption of sweet little pink flowers. lovely.

  3. Walking instead of bus driving is always a good option to get some ideas and inspiration! I am into apples too lately, now is the best time to enjoy them, I think!

    (To answer your question about the seeds I dried, no, these are no courgette seeds, it's pumpkin seeds! I am sorry, I don't have courgette seeds, I would have send it to you.)