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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

warm color

during the summer, i enjoyed natural color and
kept my kitchen very simple, but since the cold air started blowing,
i long for some cozy color in my house, especially in the kitchen,

*mini kaki was delivered to my door the other day
*crochet dish cloths
*wool pink
*me today


  1. i think the colors of the wool go very good together, very nice.
    It is not that i am doing much better. Every day with pain , fatigue and other complaints is one to much. Unfortunately every day is like this. BUt we make the best of it, even with a short walk of 30 minutes can make my day much brighter.

  2. I like your basket full of wool. The colors are beautiful and sweet.

  3. I love all of the color. Your dish cloths are really nice!

  4. coco,hello
    just yesterday
    a made
    theses wooden kaki,

    wishing to see it someday in japan

    and the day
    gets better with
    with pictures and thoughts you have,
    thats for sure,coco

    take care.

  5. oh my goodness...I want to dive into that basket of pink wool!

  6. @rebecca,
    i tried to leave note on yours too but unsuccessful.
    is there anyway, you can make comment section by adding URL/name part? if posstible.