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Thursday, October 20, 2011

wild flower

lots of flowers i see at the flower shop are always very pretty
beautifully arranged and displayed well to get our attention
but those tiny ones like these in the wild
i like them
they look so soft
recently my cowoker gave me a very cute pink coffee mug with illustration of
bunny on it, and today another cowoker told me she wants to give me a little
thing as a gift because she thought about me when she found a cute bunny
thing at the handmade shop........
it is so interesting that people think of me differntly than who i am
myself, i usually like very simple things...........
i now have a mixed feeling, kind of tickled with their image
and at the same time, i am kind of glad
in fact, i don't like too childish looking things.....didn't like it at least..
but lately i've learned to appreciate friends "thinking of me" on my absent,
now, i enjoy the little souvenirs gift from my cowokers as they
thought of me when they see the bunny hopping around
i could be their bunny now

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