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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

do you like warm coaster....giveaway

i like using handmade coaster under my coffee mug
i hope this gives you warm comfy feeling
and enjoy your teatime

fall giveaway
i used line, cotton, wool
i have 3 sets available for whoever like to have these
you can leave a comments by next Sunday 12/4
i would love to know how you make your tea time
as cozy moment...

on my way home

was thinking of making something look very warm and started
knitting, but my wish never came true, as i have many ideas i can even
handle all at once, the new idea keeps coming to my mind,
but i should take it as a good sign that i am in a good sprit as
usual during this time of year, and after while, it fades gradually...
so i better this moment

what i love about kanoko style knitting is the
way how it feels on your skin when it's finished,
it feel so plumpy as if there were fully matured seed gathering,
this makes me want to start another one again soon
with bright warm color

i saw a beautiful moon on the way home tonight
there are millions of beautiful things in this world
but i like this simple beauty in the silent sky
isn't it pretty ?
i hope you all have a lovely night wherever you are
                                             sweet dream tonight☽ 

Monday, November 28, 2011

this kind of day

season in progress

little bit each day
.......slow work

sweet tresure around my feet

Sunday, November 27, 2011

making warm color

couple days ago, i wrote a long letter to friends
i like writing in the morning as my mind if fresh
and like the clear morning air
i like writing on sunshine day
with cup of coffee on the side of my table
it gives me calm dreamy mind
i have been knitting and crocheting like crazy
whenever i have time, a needle and
a basket full of yarn on my lap and open my imagination door

forget all the clutters in life

back olive pasta

weekend pasta
black olive, broccoli, garlic, hot pepper
sautee in olive oil
seasoning: consome, salt, pepper, soy souce
lemon zes & white pepper on top before serving

for soy souce lover
* add few drops of soy souce just before
turning heat off, it gives nice flavor and tasty..i like it

Saturday, November 26, 2011

kitchen mat

need some warm comfy mat in kitchen
my floor is so cold 

knitting kitchen mat....
four different types of yarn:
linen, wool, cotton&linen blend, another wool,
using different types and tone, it gives very unique texture
and the soft in between's fun to see how the
color comes out
nmmm, this is so fun


jute necklace and DIY S hooks

linen and jute are summer material, i thought,
but i tried, two of my favorite material ,
i crocheted jute necklace
garden update
i did tidy up my garden little bit today
colleted more seeds for next season
so puffy

making S hooks for my kitchen
cherry tree brunch and handmade S hoooks
rather cold today inside and outside,
craved for soupy noodle for lunch
and maki-shushi

Thursday, November 24, 2011

deepning autumn

loving this melissa's pouch, the embroided lovely flower makes me feel cozy
i used it to keep sashiko material and carry it in my bag
la france is the name of this pear i found this fall
it was brought to japan in 1903 from france
neighborhood park
on the way back to the store, i usually take
different path to enjoy variety of scene

got home just in time for lunch
fixed hot udon with fried tofu and vege
kaki from my friend


i rented a big house for my familty visit,
in the morning, my father announced that they are going
to connecticut to see bullfight, rather than disappointment,
i was mad because i was expected for all of us to spend time together

the house had a big vegetable garden
they didn't ask me to do so, but i love working on the green farm,
i was going to water the garden in the morning
so i rushed myself, opened the door to the garden,
there... there was a light misty shower over me...
hm, rain today?  ..............
then realized that there was a water shower coming
from the ground which was constructed by house ower,
that means they care of their plants and trying to
take good care, with a relief of sigh i walked back to the
front door, at that moment, all the sudden, i heared the voice
from middle of the vege garden calling me
"hey Lu!" then she said something but i don't remember,
all i remember was the fact that my name was LU
and wearing a pair of black pants and white shirts,
i couldn't help my self having smily cheek and walked
back to the house, after this smile now i didn't really care
if my family went to connecticut for bullfight

then i woke up and wasn't sure why i had such dream,
while having the first cup of morning coffee,
i soon realized that today is a thanksgiving day!

happy thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

what kind of tea today?

i used to be more coffee drinker
lately more often i enjoy different kind of tea
there are so many different flavor selections
i enjoyed all the tea i received from all over the world
since last summer in return to the seeds i sent
thanks to all

so i decide to participate in this
looking forwad to this tea-swap

what is your tea for the day?

Monday, November 21, 2011

anchovy & roated mashroom

one of my autumn pasta 

anchovy & roasted mashroom pasta
i first roasted fresh mashroom, then tear them by hand
so it will be coated with seasoning very well,
then, lightly sautee mashroom in olive oil,
add cooked fettuccine in the pan,
add anchovy, capers, little bit of pepper and salt,
basil on top as garnish


kitchen ware

some of my kitchen ware i own at the moment
lightness and usufulness are my key words to find
comfortable ones
they work very hard for me and with me
they help me creat the food i have in mind as ideas hit
for today's lunch, i used this clear tupperware
in a cold winter time, this is convenient so it
can be heated up in a microwave and able to have warm food,
today i had, rice, pickle, spinich, teriyaki chicken,
fried egg, caramelized sweet potato, seasoned sea weed,
and hot miso soup in a bowl