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Thursday, November 24, 2011


i rented a big house for my familty visit,
in the morning, my father announced that they are going
to connecticut to see bullfight, rather than disappointment,
i was mad because i was expected for all of us to spend time together

the house had a big vegetable garden
they didn't ask me to do so, but i love working on the green farm,
i was going to water the garden in the morning
so i rushed myself, opened the door to the garden,
there... there was a light misty shower over me...
hm, rain today?  ..............
then realized that there was a water shower coming
from the ground which was constructed by house ower,
that means they care of their plants and trying to
take good care, with a relief of sigh i walked back to the
front door, at that moment, all the sudden, i heared the voice
from middle of the vege garden calling me
"hey Lu!" then she said something but i don't remember,
all i remember was the fact that my name was LU
and wearing a pair of black pants and white shirts,
i couldn't help my self having smily cheek and walked
back to the house, after this smile now i didn't really care
if my family went to connecticut for bullfight

then i woke up and wasn't sure why i had such dream,
while having the first cup of morning coffee,
i soon realized that today is a thanksgiving day!

happy thanksgiving


  1. Interesting dream! I don't know if you believe in reincarnation, but maybe you were this Lu in your pervious life, who knows. :)

  2. a bullfight in Connecticut??? I would be mad, too, because that wouldn't even be possible! haha, dreams are so bizarre