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Sunday, November 27, 2011

back olive pasta

weekend pasta
black olive, broccoli, garlic, hot pepper
sautee in olive oil
seasoning: consome, salt, pepper, soy souce
lemon zes & white pepper on top before serving

for soy souce lover
* add few drops of soy souce just before
turning heat off, it gives nice flavor and tasty..i like it


  1. Thanks for lovely inspiration for the kitchen...I love pasta!

    about you question on my's only round-shaped mosaic boards on the old wall.

    my best regards

  2. Looks and sounds delicious. I think I just have to try it.

  3. good idea1 I have lots of broccoli at my fridge!

  4. it looks delicious... I love soy sauce, what a great idea !

  5. thanks for your words!!
    lovely pictures! it looks delicious!...I'll be waiting for you in the flick'r group "una porción y media" ;)

  6. Adoro la pasta y esta se ve taaaan deliciosa... gracias por compartir la receta!