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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

do you like warm coaster....giveaway

i like using handmade coaster under my coffee mug
i hope this gives you warm comfy feeling
and enjoy your teatime

fall giveaway
i used line, cotton, wool
i have 3 sets available for whoever like to have these
you can leave a comments by next Sunday 12/4
i would love to know how you make your tea time
as cozy moment...


  1. I drink tea all the day, love it when it's in my red dotted cup (with a little sugar). Like it even more when I am in good compaion of friends

  2. ooh these are sweet. i like the red and grey ones and the pink and cream ones. i am hoping to learn to crochet or knit this winter - if only i could pop by and learn from you :)i feel like a cup of tea or coffee is not complete without a small sweet. lately i've been having some lovely ginger biscotti my friend made. tea is always better from a teapot i find, and i like to listen to some fitting music too.

  3. Lately, my boyfriend and I just take our time to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Normally we just make a cup and sit down wherever we were at that moment. But now we really make it something to enjoy. We actually should use some cute coasters, especially for during the winter. To make everything ever cosier.

    You're spoiling everyone with all these beautiful giveaways!

  4. A cozy tea moment I share with someone I enjoy chit chatting with.

  5. Oh, you are just so nice and sweet, thank you! I would like to have the one at the left if I got the luck! I love all the things you made and the feeling I got from your pictures. I share the warmth of a cup of tea together with you, dear Coco! Thank you again. Yes, I made the felt case myself.

  6. In the cold season I make my teatime a cozy moment with lighting a candle and of course handmade doilies :)

  7. Cosy moment it will be in nice arm chair, candle light, with beautiful tea flower in a large glass and with lovely knitting.
    A Dear Friend near me would be spot on it!
    Your coasters are lovely;
    what a nice way to use some yarn left-overs!

  8. Such lovely little coasters! I enjoy having a home-baked scone and a really good book alongside my afternoon tea. If it's cold out, you'll find me next to a roaring fire or underneath the kotatsu.

  9. can i enter?: )

    cosy tea time for me can both be at a nice cafè or at home but it is all about the atmosphere. i need it to be in a calm and beautiful place that i am sitting. i can never enjoy a cup of tea if i am under time pressure or if it is noisy around me.
    this time of year where it is very dark ouside i like to light some candles and burn some incense while drinking my tea. chocolate is also a good tea companion and also your blogposts: i am often reading your beautiful posts when having my tea time.
    maybe i sound a little bit strange but the cup is also important to must be good to hold in my hands. a coaster is important for a cosy tea time but that i don't have : )

    i hope you will tell us how you make your tea time a cosy moment coco!?: )


  10. mmm my tea time is not a cozy moment... Normally I use to prepare it after lunch, I have 15´to drink it in front of the computer (I am watching "Downton Abbey", do you know it?). But on saturdays I have not to work on the afternoon and after lunch I say to Haizea : "This is my relax hour I don´t want to be disturbed", and I go to the sofa and read my favourite deco magazines :)
    Ah! Always tea in a mug! No glass please!

  11. Oh, yes, they are so lovely. I would really like to give it a try.
    Hugs, Pauline

  12. Hello Coco,

    I just found your blog through Mamman Uuni. You make such lovely things!! I want to start crocheting but I never have the time to get to it...

    These days, when I have time to drink a tea, I sit in front of my computer and read my favorite blogs, or window shop on the Internet. But I also love sitting on the couch and read a magazine or a book, or just think of things I want to do (I'm a dreamer). And of course, with biscuits or cookies, it's even better :)

    Have a good day/night!

  13. these look like flowers :) especially when in circle on the first photo !
    i thought maybe you would be interested by this :
    i came across the other and very much intend to try after Christmas...

    i alread have a beautiful coaster by Coco, and keep it preciously, so please do'nt count me in... bt i just would like to say what makes my tea cozy is the cup i choose for it. and each variety of tea has its kind of cups :)

  14. i would so love not necessarily to win but to send you something to say thank you very much for your lovely blog and all your effort. you are so inspiring.

  15. @kim, i tried to leave comment on yours but no comment section...
    you can give me your email if you like

  16. Ohh I love your hand-knitted creations and hot drinks! The coziest tea time would be with a good friend with soft music in the background. We'd use big mugs and put some honey in the tea. :]

  17. During the day I usually drink coffee, but when the kids are already asleep we have some tea together with my husband. We both have a giant cup that measures almost 5dl. Kids are not allowed to eat on the couch but we watch the news, eat some sandwiches and drink the quiet good mug of tea in the living room instead of the kitchen.