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Monday, November 7, 2011


do you have a days that you can't think of
anythig elsethat you are so tired from daily work? 
my mind is tired, all i can think of is long days
off from work and be somewhere far away


  1. Sorry you are so tired ....I hope you can get some rest soon!

  2. think about your european plan!
    I changed my job few months ago and now I don´t mind going to work.

  3. Is there a reason why you are so tired? When I am a bit tired of everything it's time to have a break, maybe you can go on holiday for a few days or take a few days off from work?


  4. Awful feeling, he 'my batttery is completely empty' one.. Hope you'll be able to recharge soon. Beautiful sashiko stitches, in your earlier post (and a yummy looking lunch!).

  5. yes I have, today ! not from work though but from illness.
    I find a total unplug is good even for a few hours. or to do or go somewhere unusual, to free your mind... I wish you well and hope tomorrow is a better day xo

  6. Casi todos los días... aunque no es el trabajo lo que me disgusta, es el cumplir horarios tan extensos y el largo traslado... lo que me deja casi sin tiempo para otra cosa en la semana.