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Thursday, November 24, 2011

deepning autumn

loving this melissa's pouch, the embroided lovely flower makes me feel cozy
i used it to keep sashiko material and carry it in my bag
la france is the name of this pear i found this fall
it was brought to japan in 1903 from france
neighborhood park
on the way back to the store, i usually take
different path to enjoy variety of scene

got home just in time for lunch
fixed hot udon with fried tofu and vege
kaki from my friend


  1. kakis!My mother loves them but I have never tasted it... The other day I was at the groucery shop an a girl bought ten, she said that they were so tasteful!

  2. I ate also a lot of kakis recently. They are from my parents garden. It is very unusual for Austria to have a kaki trees, so it is very special :) And for me it is even more special, because it is one of the few fruits I am allowed to eat.

  3. That embroided flower is really beautiful.
    Kaki fruits are so photogenic too.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures of your neighborhood.
    Hugs, Pauline

  4. I always love visiting your blog. It always makes me smile. :) Thank you for all the lovely photos of your surroundings, projects and meals. And thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes! Happy Day to you . . .

  5. thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos...
    happy thanksgiving !

  6. these pears are... historical in a way ! :)
    thank you for the stroll
    and yum at the persimmons (we call them kakis in french as well) i like it when it is the season (there are some in ourfruit basket at the moment) they are full of vitamin. i even saw for the first time this week a fruit cake recipe including some kaki puree

  7. Lovely pictures..
    (Made mushroom and anchovy pasta yesterday: very yummy! Thank you, for the inspiration!)