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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

flax seed

never knew such thing was edible till today
little nutty tast, healthy fat and fiber souce, i heard
the seed shine beautifully ♬
 too pretty to eat
tried in yogurt this morning
is there any other way of eating this beautiful seed?


  1. They are good in smoothies, too. It is best to grind them before eating, or they will just pass right through the body, and you won't get as much benefit from them.

  2. Oh, and years ago, I made hair gel from them!

  3. No idea... But I'd like to try.

  4. wow this is a good macro !
    we like them in bread, or sprinkle on salads

  5. Hi Coco. :)

    Flax seeds are so wonderful. Usually, I buy them grounded up already so that they aren't too hard to chew. Put them in homemade baked goods or cereal, granola or oatmeal. What I sometimes do is eat them with sliced banana and honey or lemon.

  6. Yo también las como con el kefir de la mañana, junto a la avena, frutas y otras semillas!
    Las fotos están increíblemente bellas... me fascina la forma que tienes de componer los elementos!!!!

  7. I grind them and put them in anything I bake! Muffins, cornbread