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Thursday, November 17, 2011

forgotten coat

adore this simple wrapping
bought the coat more than seven yrs ago has been worn
only few times and forgotten for many years couple weeks
ago, i remember that i had such coat sleeping in my closet,
this is the one i enjoy the most recently, love the beige color
and cotton like material and feminine curvy design
i am going to enjoy walking around the winter world
with this 7 years old


  1. Fabulosa sencillez, el envoltorio y el abrigo... ah!!! me emocionan las preciosas cosas simples.

  2. I love your coat -i'm sure you'll have many lovely moments while you are wearing it.

  3. I love pretty wrapping, makes not wat to open presents:-)

  4. It is fantastic to find in your closet beautiful clothes you forgot you had. This coat is very nice!