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Thursday, November 10, 2011

giveaway and favorite thing

 i grew up in the southern island of japan
never seen snow till adulthood
then of course the first snow in my life was
so wonderful, stayed outside for a long time
to just watch the snow falling on the ground
didn't want to come in the house because the
outside world was so amazingly beutiful and paradise to me

in past few yrs, i lived in the area where we get some snow in the winter
every time when snow hit the ground,
luckly it was my off day....what a coincidence
and it happened many times and i was so happy to
see snow from inside and outside of my house where i kept cozy
and made cup of hot chocolate, sit by the window....
then rushed to outside walking on the snow
stepping on the accumulated snow...
it was fun and now miss snow
now there is almost no snow here in my
current environment

now, i decided to do little giveaway of my handmade,
wool crochet pouch for winter,
so hopefully this keeps you warm hearted and cozy feeling,
i like having something like this  in my tote bag,
so each time when i open the bag and  see it,
it makes me feel comfortable like being home.
if you are interested in, you can leave a
comment by November 14th.
and i would like to hear
what your favorite thing in winter.
mine is snow and making hot drink and
watch snow all day long.
two people will be selected,
wherever you are in the world, i will send it to you
 ❦ ❀ ✾


  1. I also love the snow Coco. It is such a beautiful mystery to me. In the winter I love to dress up in cosy and warm layers of clothing and scarves and hats and to walk through the crisp air and feel the cool touch on my cheeks and nose.

  2. hello,naoko

    for me, this is my beginning,
    i was born on the the first day of winter
    and my mom said
    that day was the first snow
    as well.thinking about white time as
    magic, still.

    i love every season
    but winter always stays closer.

  3. The winter in Finland is full of light of the snow and darkness in the is amazing time with cold days and the days with one's people whom you love very much...this winter is going to be first winter to me without any hurry because I'm at home because of the accident that happened to me.I'm thinking I'll try to enjoy this possibility.I love yours words how you told about your winter feelings,

  4. To me winter brings back memories. When we were making snowmen and had a cup of hot chocolat. I do like having coffee or an occasional cup of tea during these days. But the things I prefer the most is sitting in the sofa with a blanket and just crafting. It makes me feel so cosy!

    We have had snow almost every year, so I don't know how special it must've been for you to see snow for the first time. But the way you describe it gives me the feeling it was magical.

    Hope you have a very beautiful winter!
    Much love!

  5. Lovely pouch <3

    I`v learned to like snow, because of my two boys. Those two LOVE snow, everything about it! Snow Balls, skiing, skating, snowmen ... the children are taught to love the snow.
    Here in Finland, There is usually a snowy winter.

    Lots of hugs,

  6. oh i would love to have one of your pouches in my tote bag, they are lovely! and i also enjoyed reading your winter"story".

    i live in norway so it is a good thing that i like winter : )i love to be able to wear all the warm woolly things i have knitted, hot chocolate or jasmine tea in my cup, the sound and warmth of woods burning in the fireplace, the beauty of nature all covered in the white blanket of snow, lots of candlelight and the advent time. when advent is here i start writing my christmas cards, wrapping in christmasgifts and other lovely preparations for christmas. oh and i love tangerines, i only eat them in winter because we did that when i was a child. now we can get tangerines all year long in the store but for me it is a winter thing : )


  7. Hi, so interesting to hear you're from Japan! Where do you live now? My favourite thing by winter with winter is the snow on the trees, and it's all quiet and the air is fresh.

  8. What lovely pouches..
    I love the snow too. I adore the quiet of it when it falls, and the way it dampens the sound and turns everything into this clean white quiet world. I feel exactly the same excitement as when I was little when it starts (even when most other adults around me just seem to grumble anout it..).

  9. What a lovely story! It made me miss snow myself! But luckily we get snow every year, but it got less over the years.
    My favorite thing about winter is christmas and if there is snow on christmas it is the best. I am one of the few remaining persons who still love christmas, many in my surrounding hate it and feel like it is only about marketing, but for me it is still more!
    I love sparklers and lighting a candle in winter is so much nicer than in summer. I like that the snow makes everything calm when it's night and you go out and that every snowflake looks different.

    I wish you get some snow this year!

  10. My favorite thing in winter is impossible to choose. Cross-country skiing has become a dear hobby for me and my husband. I also love renting a nice cabin for the weekend and sitting by the fireplace. Christmas, of course, brings a whole new atmosphere to the winter. I guess it is the overall experience of the season! :)

  11. I'm such a huge fan of your beautiful handmade pouches, knitted and sewed. Ohh my favorite thing..

    Well, I spent last winter in Shanghai, away from most of my friends and family. It was cold in the city and I didn't have any particular plans. So I organized a small potluck + secret santa gift exchange at my place for my other homesick friends. I baked a big crumb apple pie, set up a mini Christmas tree (with tiny blinking lights), and everyone brought something to share. I think my favorite thing about winter is these small intimate gatherings with quiet conversation, soft music, and delicious food. I'm flying back home, just in time for the holidays this year. It'll be my first time seeing my family and friends in 1-2 years! xx

  12. I so agree with you Coco !!
    i grew up & still live in a place where snow is so very rare ! everytime this happens which is hardly, it is such a treat ! ii could stare at snowfalling behind the windows for hours ! but of course the snow never falls for hours :( here.
    my absolute dream as a child (and still now) would be a white Christmas -- or a good snowy week, where we eat warm soups & enjoy a cup of hot chocolate wrapped in blankets on the porch...

    i love how you have photographied these lovely pouches, the compositions with the plants... so very you !

    thank you for the give-away; good lucky everyone :)

  13. Coco. acá es aun domingo13, quizás ya quede fuera del sorteo!
    Yo nací en pleno invierno, aun así no es mi estación favorita, no me gusta la oscuridad ni el frío, ni la lluvia los días que tengo que salir a trabajar... los fines de semana si que me gustan en invierno, poder quedarse disfrutando el calor de la cama hasta más tarde... ver la lluvia a través de las ventanas, la calma y tranquilidad y el sentido hogareño de estar en casa, abrigada... eso me gusta del invierno!!!

  14. ps. my favourite moment, during the day cold, but sunny, doing some ice skating with my love. at night putting the candles on, light the fire place and snuggle up on the couch to watch a nice movie. I love winter!!

  15. Hi!
    My first time here, ever!
    Lovely pictures!
    I was born on 18th of february,
    it was very, very cold night in Finland then.
    I love everything in winter!
    The snow, cold weather, warm clothes ... but most of all,
    I love the sound what comes out when you walk on the snow!
    Happy days to you,

  16. I want to enter to win a beautiful pouch, if it isn't too late!

    I grew up in the American South, where we got snow once a year, usually, and everything shut down because no one was prepared to drive in snow. Of course, now that I live in Germany, I see quite a bit of snow. It has been hard for me to adjust to getting out and doing regular activities in the snow and ice, while I'd much rather be inside next to the fire! Thankfully I get to stay home a lot.

  17. sorry... although i was born in winter and live now in the north of earopa, i still don't like the winter. just to cold for me.
    while sitting at home and watching the snow, and listening to the "white silence" it brings with it - i can enjoy it.
    still i would love to have one of those cozy pouches!