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Friday, November 4, 2011

glazed sweet potato

made glazed sweet potatos,
coated with sesame seed ♡
they joined my lunch companion

so glad friday says hello


  1. mmm I like sweet potatos. Here at Spain we call them "boniatos".
    Your lunch is so beautiful with all these colors!!!

  2. I shouldn't be hungry, but I get hungry when I see your meal!

  3. Oh, I used to do bento boxes some years ago! This one looks so delicious!

  4. this is one pretty & yummy bento ! i may use one for my daughter soon, because of ehr diabetes i'd like her not to eat the school food for lunch (nasty white carbs & much fat) usually it is compulsory in France but in some specific health situation, you might ask to bring the child's own lunch... we'll see.
    glazed sweet potatoes... this must be delicious !

  5. This bento is really nice. May I ask where you bought it?