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Saturday, November 26, 2011

jute necklace and DIY S hooks

linen and jute are summer material, i thought,
but i tried, two of my favorite material ,
i crocheted jute necklace
garden update
i did tidy up my garden little bit today
colleted more seeds for next season
so puffy

making S hooks for my kitchen
cherry tree brunch and handmade S hoooks
rather cold today inside and outside,
craved for soupy noodle for lunch
and maki-shushi


  1. I love the crochet necklace .
    What a nice idea to make S hooks yourselves and hang it on a tree brunch.

    Wish you a very nice weekend!

    PS I never ate sushi think I'm gonna try it one day ;-)

  2. I 'm so fond of your kicthen!And those cute S hooks...
    I wish you cozy weekend Coco

  3. what beautiful plants you have !

  4. Brilliant idea! ;)
    Jute is an interesting and nice material.

  5. Could you tell me what is the name of the puffy plant? It's just so cute!

  6. What did you use to make the s hook?

  7. for the S hook, i used wire(not sure what kind) i found it at home center. It is the kind of soft type wire people often use for making wreath as well.
    It was easy and quit fun activity.

  8. Muchas actividades diferentes... y todo tan creativo.... me inspira!

  9. I love the s-hooks on the cherry branch! Maybe I will try something like this in my kitchen. If so, I'll take a photo for my blog and give you credit!

    That sushi looks so good.

  10. wow ! how i LOVE all these ! it is like browsing one of the best "come home" magazines !!

    the hooks on the branch... this makes me think of the branches we use to hold our curtains in the lounge... i have to show you someday...