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Saturday, November 26, 2011

kitchen mat

need some warm comfy mat in kitchen
my floor is so cold 

knitting kitchen mat....
four different types of yarn:
linen, wool, cotton&linen blend, another wool,
using different types and tone, it gives very unique texture
and the soft in between's fun to see how the
color comes out
nmmm, this is so fun



  1. Great idea, knitting a mat. It looks so warm and beautiful. Are you knitting with four different yarns in one?

  2. yes, i am using 4 different types of yarn, linen, wool, cotton&linen, another wool with little bit of different tone. using these four different yarn, i like the texture and in between soft color its come out as a result. it's fun handling these 4.

  3. I hope you will let us see the result!


  4. ok, i will show you when i finish....hopefully soon.

  5. beautiful !
    i really like the stitch you're making

  6. it looks very good, hope you can finish it soon.

  7. Gorgeous. That will feel lovely underfoot..

  8. Maravilloso! preciosas fibras unidas de manera tan singular! felicitaciones Coco... toda mi admiración para ti y tus creaciones.

  9. 4 different types of yarn is just brilliant ! it's going to be pretty & soft. the natural colors you chose are a perfect match all together. i made myself a snood/cowl the other day and i knitted three yarns together, it is big & comfy. i can't wait to wear it but it is not cold enough here