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Sunday, November 20, 2011

mashroom on potato cake

  shredded potato fried in olive oil                    
chopped mashroom sauteed with minced       
 garlic, seasoned with salt, pepper, soysouce   
 now, browned mashroom with soysouce flavor
on potato cake ♫                                          

really liked this simple taste of                      
potato and mashroom                                   


  1. Coco, it looks delicious and so professional!

  2. wish i were professional chef!
    if there is such chance, it i will definitely take it and really really make me happy, and will do lots of creative cooking! oh, that idea would be my life time dream.

  3. lovely! Take a look at my blog in 10 minutes, I am going to post about my giveaway ;)

  4. Isn't it possiblible to follow cooking lessons after work? Would be nice, I'd come and taste all the things you made ;-)

  5. I was also going to say this looks very professional ! and without a doubt very tasty :)

  6. Son esas hojitas verdes brotes de Buckwheat?, así es como los preparas?

  7. @alice
    it is white raddish sprout on this photo.
    but buckwheat leaves, when they grow up and still fresh small leaves, they are edible and tasted very good. I liked it. Do you have bukcwheat grwong right now?