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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my current balcony garden

sewon asked me what i have in my fall garden.
my balcony garden is not like beautiful european
fancy garden, it is created in balcony space and now
have little bit different color than summer garden,
in the summer, i had lots of pink, purple, yellow flowers
now in the fall, i enjoy having more deep dark color,
and bought some viola at the garden center not too long ago, 
they cheer me up with tiny tiny adorable faces 
viola, mint, marygold
hot pepper is still doing good, i dried some and use it for soup and pasta
succulent pot with violet which i picked in the mountain in last spring,
cardiospermum still producing lots of balloons,
different kind of mint, this mint has peachy taste
did laundry today☺and rearranged pots
so i can see through my big window in the morning 
there were nice looking leaf vines on the concrete wall when i
moved in this apt, but the landload cut off all of them,
then after many months the vine came back and i was hoping for the
nice leafy atmosphere.....then he trimmed again,
in the spring, i am sure the vine comes back to make a nice
leaf wall, then i will ask him to keep them alive as they are good treat to my eyes
bamboo bush look so cold and lonely at the moment,
but nice to hear them swing as the wind blows
harvested couple of raddish, pursely today
what do you all have in your garden at this time of the year? 
would love to visit your garden too.


  1. Coco, love your little garden! I need to clean and rearrange mine too, hope I will take some photos and show you, but these days weather is cloudy and there is not too much light.
    Your photos are fantastic!

  2. What can I say? Your garden is wonderful! Everything is so green and in bloom, your treatment is the best!

  3. Great garden; I love how a space can be transformed by plants and flowers, and how they make me look properly, focus my attention.

  4. Such pretty photos!

    Sadly we waited too long to get lettuce started in our raised beds. It's getting pretty cold here, so I only have some herbs growing now--rosemary, thyme, lemon balm, chives, and oregano.

  5. so green & lush & healthy ! and i love your little pansies or maybe violas (?) as for a lovely touch of color.
    unfortunately other than chrysanthems in bloom, there's a big mess in our yard right now, because of so much rain. i have been able to plant new spring bulbs yet.
    it is probably easier to tidy a small garden, but we have 5000 square meters !

  6. Oh wow! Your garden still looks like summer!

  7. Tu jardín podría ser el mío... conozco todas esas flores y plantas, y son muy cultivadas acá... ¿utilizas las violas en la comida?