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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

on my way home

was thinking of making something look very warm and started
knitting, but my wish never came true, as i have many ideas i can even
handle all at once, the new idea keeps coming to my mind,
but i should take it as a good sign that i am in a good sprit as
usual during this time of year, and after while, it fades gradually...
so i better this moment

what i love about kanoko style knitting is the
way how it feels on your skin when it's finished,
it feel so plumpy as if there were fully matured seed gathering,
this makes me want to start another one again soon
with bright warm color

i saw a beautiful moon on the way home tonight
there are millions of beautiful things in this world
but i like this simple beauty in the silent sky
isn't it pretty ?
i hope you all have a lovely night wherever you are
                                             sweet dream tonight☽ 


  1. Kanoko style looks lovely.
    And such a beautiful moon.....

  2. I love how poetic your blog is...
    thank you for sharing your moon pictured

  3. Ohh I love your yarn creations. Did you take that photo of the moon? How perfectly tiny and adorable!

  4. so, so pretty moon! The weather here in finland is windy (is that even a word? ;)) Not so pretty, or anything like that beautiful out there in the sky...
    And its raining all the time. Where is the snow?

    Thank you so much coco <3 the pouch is lovely! and seeds..:)

  5. beautiful post dear coco,

    v : )

  6. to arrive to my house I can go uphill or I can take an elevator. Yesterday I take the elevator, outside they are a lot of trees,is a little magic place and you can see the old part of the city down there. I looked up and I saw your moon :)
    (uf! I have to improve my english!)

  7. beautiful moon ad beautiful pouch ! i agree and absolutely like the texture of this stich !

  8. The little clutch looks lovely!