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Monday, November 7, 2011

raddish on farm obento

                                           it is monday morning here already, today's lunch obento
                                           teriyaki chicken, radish from my garden,
                                           fried egg, glazed carrots, white radish sprouts, daikon salad

                                           progress of my stitch
                                           little bit each day on my lunch break


  1. Ohh what else do you grow in your garden? I really like your wooden oval bowl. :]

  2. Yummy & beautiful lunch with a lovely project to work on!

  3. Such a beautiful obento! I have a sashiko sampler I want to start, but I need to buy the right kind of needle first...

  4. oh yum ! teriyaki is good and homegrown radish mmmmh hope you enjoy it !

    what a surprise to see i stitched exactly the same sashiko last year, and in the very same color !! i made a little pillow for our guest room out of it. what will you use yours for ?

  5. Coco... también yo me llevo los trabajos de bordado o tejido para avanzar en el bus de traslado y en la hora de almuerzo...
    Las estrellas están bellísimas...