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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

roasted barley soup

for some reason, headache came again and i wasn't feeling good
this morning, so i needed some homey soup 
to keep me warm and defeat this ache

roasted barley first, and made fresh pure vege soup
with roasted barley in it,
salt, pepper, herbs added
the hot soup was good
then left over soup became risotto
with rice and cheese

i like one of my herb, french thyme so much
before it runs out, i wanted plenty of thyme for my
herb collection, although it may not be as fragranceful as
french herb, i better try this i dried harvested thyme
in the summer, now it is dried well enough,
removed all the stem and tiny tiny leaves are gathered
in a glass jar, i will definitely enjoy using it for salad,
pizza, pasta, chicken dish etc...

 in the evening my headache was gone, now time to run
before sun goes down
red leafy vine on the concreat wall
this is my favorite shot today

going home now
hope you had a warm lovely day


  1. Glad your headache went away and you were able to go out. The soup looks good--a nice idea, roasting the barley first.

  2. I'm also glad your headache is gone, I also make soup when my husband has headache.

    I use Thyme also often in the kitchen even when we have a cold, I mix it with some honey.

    I see the sun was there today, here it's very foggy since 4 days and I don't like it.

    Wish you a good night!

  3. The soup looks incredible!
    I like the picture you like too. It took me time to realise it was taken from below.

  4. barley ?!
    what a nice idea !

    love the light in your photos. today is so dark & wet, i needed this :)

  5. Ohh this soup looks delicious! I'm curious about the rest of your kitchen. :]

  6. i have the same fabric, coco

    soup is so good
    in this cold time of the year.

  7. Beautiful pictures!! as always....