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Sunday, November 27, 2011

making warm color

couple days ago, i wrote a long letter to friends
i like writing in the morning as my mind if fresh
and like the clear morning air
i like writing on sunshine day
with cup of coffee on the side of my table
it gives me calm dreamy mind
i have been knitting and crocheting like crazy
whenever i have time, a needle and
a basket full of yarn on my lap and open my imagination door

forget all the clutters in life


  1. enjoy your knitting and crocheting! I am going to start a patchwork bedspread project.

  2. No entiendo porque siento que no tengo tiempo para las cosas buenas y lindas que quisiera hacer... me lo cuestiono sobre todo al leer tus días, que además del trabajo son tan ricos de momentos buenos y provechosos...

  3. we all need that right now, don't we? probably always have. as the famous lady said, "it's always something" <3