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Monday, November 14, 2011


sashiko work in progress....slowly
some pretty leaves from lunch time walk
as i explored around to get fresh air
nobody...except me and blue sky and leaves flown by

i hope tomorrow will be a good day
today was not a pleasant day
but i realize that things are not always like this
will make tomorrow to  be much better day
and stay optimistic at least

for the giveaway, yes it is the night of 14th
but i know european country is still the bigging of the day
i will give some more time and
will do the happy draw in the morning tomorrow

had a good day? 


  1. Dear Coco,

    I love the sashiko work. It looks so fine to do, but I think you need much patience and I don't have that ;-)

    So sad you had a bad day, isn't it possible to have a few days off?

    My day was busy, like every monday ;-)

  2. Hope your tomrrow is better!
    My today was a mixture of loosing my temper (not good) and enjoying a walk (great); with lots of running around and being busy in between. I really love your sashiko stitching - it is beautiful!

  3. oh, sad to hear that you had a bad day! hope tomorrow will be better for you : )

    i have had a VERY nice day today:
    my energy was not so bad so i was able to do some house cleaning and that made me very happy. i ate some homebaked buns and drank lots of jasmine tea and that always makes me feel good. a dear friend came on a surprisevisit with a bag of tangerines : )
    the postman came with a big box filled with amazing gifts from a friend living on the other side of the earth : ) i got so happy that i even did a happydance in my livingroom...
    for years now my health has been very bad so i am soaking in days like this. beeing sick has made me hugely grateful for everything that is good in my life...even the smallest things i am now eternely thankful for...

    i am crossing my fingers for the giveaway :))))


  4. Ah!... mi día fue difícil... primero ir al trabajo, y después de medio día volver a casa y llevar a mi hija al doctor, por suerte los exámenes y la recuperación de mi Sol estaban todo bien... buenas noticias!!! descanso para el alma, aunque tanto corre corre me dejó con el cuerpo cansado. Ahora me voy a servir una taza de té y luego a la cama....
    Buenas noches Coco, y mis felicitaciones a las felices ganadoras!!