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Sunday, November 20, 2011


sometimes, i gather everything i made so far
and put them together, this makes even myself surprise
to know that i made this much, my siter teases me
that i could have maded something more usuful and large items such
as bags and scalf all these time
while i was making many small things but i enjoy more exploring
my own world freely and playing with color as the idea hit my brain
oh well, i think it is ok at least this is my kind of relaxing method and enjoy it
here is my winter display ..☺ah

happy sunday to you


  1. I love these small works, ah, so sweet and happy! Beautiful photos too. Have a nice day!

  2. I love the combination of all those colours. Hope you have a good week tomorrow.

  3. Well, I think you must do what you like because as you say it is for relax, that is the objetive.
    I like all your coasters put toguether.

  4. Such lovely coasters and thoughts. <3
    I couldn't find any contact information on your blog (maybe I missed it), but could you please contact me whenever you have a moment? I'd love to make you part of a little autumn project I have in mind.

  5. It looks so nice! I also enjoy putting similar crafts together for a picture. And as I already said, round objects make me happy :)

  6. What a lovely bunch! It looks so beautiful together. I'm often surprised by how much I have made.

  7. lovely ones! I can imagine a cup of hot coffee on them (sorry for my english)!

  8. You can then make a beautiful blanket!

  9. What a lovely idea. And i like the warm colors.
    Thanks for the note on my blog.