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Thursday, November 10, 2011

wishful thinking

knitting small item for now but i have lots of different 
ideas in my head, so i have to move my hand fairly quickly..
sometimes i wish i had four hands or six hands
so i can work on many project together ... . . .
silly wishful thinking while i knit


  1. how lovely this is !
    your seedstitch knit looks so pretty & soft. are these cones from Habu ?
    I'm trying to catch up on my favorite virtual places : lot of illnesses in our part of the world :( but I managed to get what you know out in the mail for you this week...

  2. :) This happens to me too, too many things to do and too little time!

  3. Thank you for your visit on my blog. Yes, Gunillaberg is a very different garden to visit. Pretty needlework you make! Have a nice day!

  4. ps : I googled kanako style and i reall really like it !

  5. Siento igual que tu... muchas ideas, muchas ganas de hacer diferentes cosas...Quisiera tiempo!!!....