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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

making things

i have been in a great crafty moood lately
doing some stiches to finish up knitted tote bag
making this kind of knit bag is probably one of my favorite
it involves in knitting, sewing, hand stiches or embroidery
all combined toghether to make one bag
so fun and exciting to see the final product

oh, did you see the moon tonight?
it was very pretty and golden moon


  1. La luna llena esta maravillosa,
    porque la llamas luna de oro??

    Es increíble la sensación de llevar a cabo los proyectos que deseamos... cada puntada, o pincelada se sienten tan bien! me gustaría mucho ver la bolsa!

  2. Oh you have to tell me what is this amazing flower on the third picture! It's beautiful.
    Would love to see that tote bag you're making.
    I saw the moon yesterday morning at around 8! It was very low in the sky and almost full. Very beautiful.

  3. I have seen the moon this morning! We didn´t have anything for breakfast at we went to the cafe.

  4. alma, i don't know the name of that tree...sorry

  5. I saw it !
    It was amazing really...
    in your pictures fells spiring.