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Monday, December 26, 2011

ordinary day

holiday mood is keeping me busy doing other than
crafting, cooking and naturing activity
sometimes i really feel that i need to go for a long walk
really a long walk that i can just wonder in the nature and see
trees, flowers, birds and sky, peeking through neighbor's garden
and looking at neighborhood roof and windows...
so i took time to go for a walk just little bit this afternoon
i miss having slow days to just spend time in the garden
and work on the sewing and knitting all
day without worrying about the time
just ordinary day


  1. I love ordinary days. Happy x-mas dear Coco.

  2. so right
    about that.

    seems like
    a beginning of fall, there
    at your place, naoko

  3. dear coco merry christmas to you too! These days are busy ones at the shop! We went to my in laws to dinner on saturday and they don´t have computer, so I am not writing anything at the blog :(
    The washing machine decided today to break down... So i am a little stressed.
    It is so nice to see your relaxing photos :)
    Lots of love for this year


  4. The second and third photos are especially charming.

  5. 2nd & 3rd photo, that kind of plac always intrigue me and enjoy it.
    it's like very inviting adventure waiting for me ahead of this small road.