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Monday, December 19, 2011

captain cook ...a day with him

spending time with a nephew
he makes me smile
we laugh together
listen to his story..lots of stories he wants to tell me
i want to be a good listener to him
because i prefer him to enjoy his imagination
rather than following on the text book
went to athletic park together
he shouted
"i am the captain now! follow me!
do what i order!"
i let him being a captain cook
oh, he really enjoyed, so did i

wait captain cook! wait for me

mist of rain started dropping in the end
but we finally found the treasure box
..with lots of leaves inside


  1. Did you know that Captain Cook is supposed to have "discovered" Australia?

  2. That was a great day with "the Captain".
    Beautiful pictures too.
    Hugs, Pauline

  3. A child's capacity for creating their own little world is so wonderful. It' reminds us that life is still full of endless possibilities. :)

  4. @spectator
    didn't know that, i am just familier with his name and adventurus personality.

    he is my lovely sunshine who gives me smile

    i think it is kind of nice to be anybody to be a captain once in a while, i think^^

    yes, it is. i like seeing child mind and their world. it is so fun and remind us about the things we have forgotten.

  5. what a great day :)