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Saturday, December 17, 2011

garden today & french toast

good morning
sunshine saturday here
blue daisy i bought in the fall  and hot pepper
from summer garden still alive 
this one, i don't know the name, picked it up from            
the wood and planted in my garden last spring            
looking down through my living room window is like this
each morning, i check on them

trying to knit for my sister a orange red tote bag
because she liked very beautiful bag we saw the other day
in town but it was too expensive and
i wispered her that i might make one ....
just wispered so it is like a seacret 
only santa knows
world is a kind place these days
this really makes my heart warm
view from my living room early in am
can you imagine this many houses in small island
in the evening, each house started putting light on
and by dark, i can see night view from here
small light here and there
i kind of like the night light scene as well
good saturday to you


i even fogot about there is such thing "french toast"
all of the sudden it came to me this morning
but no syrup to put on
to replace good syruppy taste, i needed something very good

 i put some pear jam and sprinkle of cinnamon
i haven't had this good breakfast for a long time
it was so rich and satisfying taste
green of london tea for breakfast

alicia's nastatium still keeps smiling
in my garden


  1. I love all the colours in your little garden. The toast looks yummy. Your sister has luck with you.

    Have a nice weekend.


  2. Wow, it still looks like summer in your garden :)
    It is so nice that you make a bag for your sister! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. what a beautiful garden (and delicious breakfast) !

  4. The color of that yarn is so beautiful, I'm sure she'll love that Coco. French toast...YUMMY! The color in your garden is like a feast for my eyes. I miss the summer flowers so much right now.

  5. Coco, your little garden looks fantastic! It is nice too see all these flowers each morning.

  6. Greetings! Hope this finds you well. What a lovely garden. And I especially love the cheerful photo of your red crochet project! Wishing you warmth and happiness. . .

  7. Hello Coco,

    In French, we call this "pain perdu", because French toast would be "tartine" for us, I don't know why abroad it's known as "French toast" :) Anyway, it is delicious and your pictures make me want to have some!

    Your blog is lovely and sweet.

  8. Your garden is so sweet and beautiful:)... Do you live in Japan?

  9. Desde tu ventana todo se ve muy bien, lo cercano y lo lejano.