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Thursday, December 15, 2011

during the winter

i like sunshine and lots of light
during the winter the day light is not bright enough
these days and so short, it started getting dark after 3 or
4..., i need more day time with lots of bright sunshine
but better enjoy this season as we are already
in the middle of the month
trying little bit to put my room in christmas mood
it something to look at in my room


  1. Los ovillos de hilo parecen pequeños seres de un mundo mágico!
    La primera foto es perfecta!
    A mi tampoco me agradó nunca el invierno, por el frío y la oscuridad, y he aprendido a disfrutarlo, pudiendo atisbar mi estación favorita a través de los blogs de los amigos.

  2. nice Christmas decoration! 3 or 4 ! Here the sun goes down at 5,30 more or less... I like winter too.

  3. thanks for your visit to our place ... the olive brooch is from the japanese blog called jungjung ... and I love your Xmas mood pictures !!

  4. so lovely
    I agree, I miss light too this month

  5. Love these three photos together! It's always such a treat to stop by here. :)