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Friday, December 23, 2011


feeling so much better today
did shopping for good food and some wine
i used to like white wine but lately i like red better
and also the wine color is one of favorite warm color
also bought mini white and pink cyclamen
am lookg forward to put them in a terracotta pot
even the winter time, i can never stop thinking about
gardening and keep buying few plants at a time...
fu 。 。。。 ♪ 


  1. Oh, I bought a white cyclamen too yesterday :) It's the same with me, winter or not, I keep getting new plants.

  2. Love the embroidery. It looks simple and pretty. Makes me feel like doing some too :)

  3. I will buy a ficus lyrata next week. It is a big one! Since long time I have been looking for this plant. I am afraid my husband is not going to like the plant...

  4. I love cyclamen and I can´t help buy some each winter. Now I have tree in my balcony.