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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


i love making photography of my cooking
if my photo makes you feel like you want to cook
i am very happy ♪
that is the most rewardning complement i can get
as i tried to make each photo with love

my cooking journey continues and
will explore more cooking world


  1. i remember
    how i found you, naoko
    i was at my parents wooden
    house, summer, very poor
    connection - so i opened
    all of your small photos
    one by one.
    i remember
    and thats when
    i wanted to write to you.

  2. you can be happy! I always want to cook after looking to your photos!

  3. your coasters made it! they are even more lovely in real life. my friend has my camera otherwise i'd send the pictures. it is a such a wonderful joy to have them. thank you so much for this and all the creativity. it inspires everyone in many ways. kim
    p.s. i'm send your tiny package out tomorrow.

  4. I certainly find your photos inspirational.

  5. your photos are really beautiful !
    you have a talent for seeing beauty in things.
    I love the first one... it looks delicious