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Sunday, December 18, 2011

gardening lover

even thought i still have some green and flowers luckly left
in my garden, i still miss spring&summer garden
as i was able to out to water them every morning
and say hello to all my plants now it is cold, i water
them only once in a while when the wheather permits,
them i have to come inside to get my feet warm up immediately
so i miss summer garden too but i will enjoy my winter plants too
as they are doing their best to survive this cold months, will try to
at least talk to them and give them some courage so
hopefull they will be smiling when spring comes,
all those garden lover probably feel the same as i do

i really liked this kind of orange fragrance moisture cream
the good fresh fragrance kept me in a good mood all day
now recycling the empty jar for candle holder
perfect size for small candle
good night to all of you


  1. good night :)
    I am going to prepare some brocoli with the soy sauce that you told me.

  2. sleep well, coco!
    you live really far away (or i?) :-D, in the world wide web everything seems to be so near!
    good night!

  3. @alicia
    would be nice to see your dinner photo☺

    yes, it is, people seems closer on this web. it is kind of nice that we all feel so close and feels like good friends. lets enjoy this space.