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Thursday, December 22, 2011

grey day

my pinky toe is getting chilblain like last year
foot bath to improve circulation and hopefully it won't be too bad this year

allegy or (maybe cold?) is making me miserable since this morning
that i made myself a cup of hot wine to cherrish and also
to help me rest better

this time of year, i really miss american taste that i am used
spiced apple cider, cinnamon and spice smell,
good feast, smell of candle, etc..


  1. Smelling & tasting cinnamon always makes me think of christmas!!
    We use it lots in cakes & hot drinks around here this time of the year :)
    Applepie with a sweet touch of cinnamon... mmmmm :)

  2. I've never had hot wine, is it good?
    I hope your feet and toes will be fine. Cold isn't good for muscles, etc. But I hope you can warm yourself up enough and have enough good baths to help you get through it.

    It's a bit strange how the holidays seem to pass me by. I normally celebrate it more and have more warm drinks and delicious food.

  3. Coco, take care. Wish you a happy christmas and your toe gets well soon.:)

  4. This little bue ball is nice. Was it for the foot bath?
    I like the intertwined wire shadow in the cup that reminds me of your work!
    So you have lived in the States?