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Monday, December 5, 2011

being home

being home
today i got my christmas decoration out from the box, i will get them decorate
soon, also found my winter gloves and wrist warmer i made last year, it's been
unusually warm winter but almost time for these gloves,
the black wool fabric i fell in love with and bought it without having any idea of
what to make, i just wanted to own the fabric at that time, but now i want to make this
more usuful..somehow,
view from my kitchen window
♡ tea selection
daily kitchen
lemon grass leaves my friend gave me
this beautiful leaves are now in a glass jar on the shelf
look at them all the time while i am in kitchen
cook fresh rice each day in my old pot(my favorite one)
lots of handmade dishcloths, some just sewed up,
some with simple embroidery, some store made
rice in the pot(above) became like this in the end ☺

i still like being home


  1. Love the glimpses of your world.
    have a happy day!

  2. I discovered this blog with pleasure ..

    Nedj from FRANCE

  3. Hi coco.... I love your photos, as always, I am sorry I missed your give away but I have enjoyed catching up with your lovely blog posts today!

  4. Lovely pictures. It's good to be home.

  5. Yes, it's good to be home.. Beautiful fabric! Skirt..?

  6. Your home is so cozy and calm! Love it!

  7. So lovely! I like being home, too.

  8. beautiful !
    I understand you like being home with such a beautiful place !

    I like your embroidered cloths

  9. so, love your kitchen & textile details !all this feels good vibes :)
    this wool fabric selvedge is very pretty... if you have enough yardage, you could even sew something for yourself with it ?

  10. I like the light in the first photo. This is the view from your home?