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Monday, December 12, 2011

life is wonderful

i feel so blessed these days
all i am doing is sharing my world through
this blog world by putting those scenes i see daily
and wante to share how pretty things are
making pictures of my own world for those things
i love to do
many people responded to me and showing
me appreciation and started sharing their world
with me as well
so wonderful
because of that i feel so surronded by many good friends
all over the world
one day, i hope to write to everyone who
comes to see me here

received a very very beautiful package
from beautiful snowy place so far away
feels like santa is here already
you made me feel wonderful today, Fei
thank you so so much


  1. Coco es muy hermosa la forma en que muestras tu vida cotidiana, tiene un ritmo y color muy dulces, femeninos, calmos... poéticos.
    Un abrazo desde el otro lado.

  2. Dear Coco, I am happy that you got it so quick:) Enjoy the Christmas season. Fei :)