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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

do anybody know this?

i am looking for this (or this kind of)lip balm
(this one is not too greasy, mild frangrance which i love,
last long time)
i've used many different kinds of lip balm but
this one i particulary liked it but almost out,
can't find something similar here

do anyone know where i can get it
either same one or similar lip balm??


  1. Try the rose lip balm for sale through smells so pretty and it's a lovely color.
    Plus it comes in the same kind of vintage-y tin.

  2. thank you anonymous
    but the shipping fee is 60.00, so i must give up..
    too bad.
    thanks anyway!

  3. Oh yes a bit expensive for a lip balm unless you buy thousands for years to come...

  4. I've never seen it before, can't help!

  5. There are a lot of recipes for making your own lip balm online. Common ones include shea butter mixed with some beeswax and oil(usually almond). Can you get shea butter where you live? It's good stuff! Thank you for your beautiful, simple blog. It has become one of my favorites. If you make your own lip balm- you could also give some as gifts.

  6. Try Burts Bees, really love that!!

  7. Hi Coco,

    check burts bees!!! Really nice.

    Hope all is well.

  8. Hi Coco,

    Sorry, I had forgotten my google password, so I had to post anonymously before. If you would like me to send you some rosebud balm I'd be happy to. I ship stuff to my brother over there all the time, and small stuff isn't that bad. BTW-I really enjoy reading your blog, you have such a beautiful way of looking at the world. Thanks for sharing that with all of us.

    Carrie :)

  9. @carrie
    i was unable to leave comment on your blog. do you mind emailing me.