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Friday, December 2, 2011


so many things i want to do this month,
clean up the house, cook, knit more, DIY shelves on my wall,
write and send cards to friends, prepare christmas presents
 for my neice and nephews, winter gardening, walk and
collect naturing things, looke at moon more often,
oh well, so much to do...but sometimes my mind need
a break and get in a silly mood
....knitted something petite for this cupie
because she had no warm cloth on ...

she now looks little comfy and warm 
stay warm ♡
it's fun to get silly sometimes

last yr, beginning of December,
my day was like this


  1. you are right, it feels good to be silly :)

    I love your second photo, it is so beautiful and peaceful

  2. Grin.. Like you say: it's great to just play sometimes! I spent last night playing too - sewing and drawing etc. WOnderful..

  3. hehe ! i'd certainly enjoy a cute hat of this color !

    playing & unwinding is just as necessary as eating or sleeping, it is what makes life enjoyable.

    in the middle of what is for some the rush before the Holidays, i'm hosting a baking cookies party with a few friends and their daughters tomorrow. we're going to "stop time" and have fun !

  4. Me too! So many things need to do in my is Christmas time here in Norway. How nice you have a calm mind to do the knitting work. Have a great start of a new week!

  5. It's so cute when you get silly!

  6. oh Haizea is going a love this!