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Sunday, December 18, 2011

slow work

slow cook on the stove
just having this stove and be able to put
my pot on it, makes me feel warm
will do lots of cook on the stove this winter
while i sit here and read or knit


  1. Your stove is great! You can warm your house and cook at the same time! And love your white pot too :)

  2. I love the stove also, it's very cosy. Have a nice workweek

  3. Looks warm and cosy. When you cook, it will also smell nice and yummy :)

  4. hi coco,
    can you tell me, in which country do you live? i am also glad to meet you here in this WWW! :-D
    have a nice sunday with you stove! :-D

  5. Hi Coco, Thank you for your recent visit to my blog and for your comment and kind offer! I will follow up with you soon days regarding shipping.

  6. i have the same le creuset pot as you just that it is turquise colored, i am using it almost daily.

    how are your orange red tote bag project going? your sister is lucky : )
    i have started on a pair of fingerless mittens again and then i think i am finished with the things i am making for christmas.. thinking about making something for myself afterwards but i don't know exactly what yet...

    what a nice idea to use the fabric as a tablecloth while you are figuring out what to make out of it! loved to hear that you enjoyed the green of london.
    it is morning here now, i am soon making myself a pot of the same tea and use your beautiful potholders. i feel you are close when i have my tea time, a nice feeling coco : )

  7. Great stove Coco. It's so efficient that it cooks and heats the house all in one. Sometimes I cook on my woodstove that way.

  8. oh, I would love to see what is inside that pot...