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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

soft necklace

sometimes i think the each of our handmade can be
a refleciton of who we are
the delicate beautiful creation of soft necklace
so pretty that i gazed out
the beautiful lace reminds me that i am a woman
thank you for such a beautiful thing, alma
her blog shows very artistic talent that i recently asked her
is she is an artist, nice place to stop by 


  1. Ohh she has a nice blog!!
    And what beautiful things you sent her!

    Thank you for showing us her blog!

  2. it's beautiful !
    I did not know Alma's blog and know I agree with you, she is very talented...
    Thanks for the discovery Coco :)

  3. That's really sweet of you, Coco. So you're definitely "sweet Coco" to me.