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Thursday, December 15, 2011

soup spaghetti

i spent few hours cleaning up my balcony before
christmas and after few hours being outside.....
got so cold and my feet feel like standing on ice

my off day typical lunch is spaghetti but wanted
some hot soup instead...but still wanted pasta
someday like this, i make soup spaghetti
have you ever had hot soupy spaghetti on cold cold day?
you might like it with any vege and little mashroom or
somekind of tasty addition
and don't forget to sprinkle fresh ground pepper before serving
i love fresh pepper on top

after lunch
cute package was delivered
how adorable
just wanted to look at it for a long time
however the growing curiousity won in the end
vibeke makes such a lovely tea time poetry in her world
very comfy, cozy place to be if you have a moment
with cup of tea/coffee
thanks so much vibeke, so beautiful package inside and outside
two of my avocado still here with me
would they be ok during cold winter time? or
would they be happy indoor with me?
on each envelope, there are unique stamps
from all over the world since last summer
so pretty collection
soaking in the water few min, it will come off easily
making world stamp collection ...maybe
what do you do with your stamps ?


  1. Your soup looks very good. And what a lovely sweet package.
    I collect beautiful stamps too.

  2. you can experiment with the two avocados. One inside and one outdoors. My hibiscus will be inside this winter.

  3. I can spot some stamps of Austria ;)

    I would place the avocado inside during winter time. How cold can it be outside in wintertime where you live?