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Sunday, December 4, 2011

tea time

when i was little, my parents took us to the sugarcane farm
on the weekend to help them taking care of the plants,
at 10 o'clock, parents called us for tea time and gave us a
little snack with a glass of tea which was our favorite moment while working
on the farm, as a little kids, none of our siblings were interested in working
with dirt and plants,
at noon, we had lunch break then after that went back to do more work
at 3 o'clock, there was afternoon tea time !
we often had a hot tea with some sweet dessert or snacks
then went back to work some more.....
at 5 o'clock, we ended our day and before everybody left,
parents made us "well done" tea time
this sound like we had tea all day doesn't it !
i think because of this habit, i am used to have tea time often in a day,
now on my day off,n i usually have little tea break with cup of coffee around 10
in the afternoon, sometimes around 3 or 4, i make another hot drink and sit down
cranchy rice cracker with peanuts
rice cake & almond chocolate


  1. `well done` little story,
    beautiful glossy stone - like candies
    i wish you having more
    such a momemts.
    u are making nice

  2. Hard times sometimes make sweet memories... especialy when sweeten by tea!

  3. oh this plant with the red fruits! We call her ardisia and I have two of them at the shop. People uses to buy this plant for christmas but is an indoors one.
    Beautiful camelia :)

  4. this issweet and shows how much our backgrounds can't help but make us what we are today :)
    we drank fresh sugarcane juice once when we were on vacation in Morrocco... it was so delicious ! and not something we can find in France. my daughter still dreams about it ;)
    your little mosaic here is very pretty !