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Thursday, December 22, 2011

♡ thank you ❦

there was a time i even thought about stop being here
but i like taking photo and enjoy meeting people
so i kept taking photos and kept walking
i have never received this many letters
 received several more day after day
thank you for your lovely letters & cards
and thank you for being here too
i am so greatful to all of you


  1. You are welcome, dear coco! I am happy to be able to accompany you on your road of life.

  2. Still love to come here, for the calmness the serenity. And the lovely pictures you make.

  3. I only discovered your blog recently, but i like it, nice soft pictures & a friendly person behind this blog!

  4. Thank you, coco! I like coming here to see your lovely photos & taking a peaceful walk with you.

  5. You certainly deserve it sweet Coco.

  6. Thanks for sharing your world with us Coco. :) Hope your feeling a little better.

  7. I'm glad I've found you here.
    To read and enjoy your pictures.
    Wish you a wonderful Christmas.

  8. I hope you'll stay a bit longer, even a lot longer. I enjoy reading your stories. :)

  9. Este es un lugar con mucha belleza de imágenes y palabras, un lugar en el que me siento a gusto, bienvenida, que me sorprende tanto por las diferencias como por las semejanzas. Gracias por compartir tus días!