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Monday, December 19, 2011


afternoon sun was kind

today i worked half day, and did some errands
then came home, turn on the stove and made a cup of tea

this kind of afternoon here


  1. Such a pretty spoon! When I was younger, I wanted to collect spoons.

    Enjoy your wonderful afternoon. These kind of moments are one of the best. Just a moment to relax. :)

  2. @blue rabbit house
    i found that spoon at antique mall with silver plate.
    i used to put it on the shelf to just look at it but i wanted to enjoy it daily, so now it is off the shelf and i am using it every day for tea things.
    love finding things at antique place. they have such unique good quality items, don't they.

  3. Sounds like a perfect afternoon.

  4. hello coco!
    seems that you had a really sunny afternoon! nice! what means the word "errans"? :-D i had a really long day in office, finally the christmas letters are printed and put in envelopes, hurray! i was so glad, that my boss said "yes" to the text i made for these letters (i put a little poem at the end).

  5. I received your give away today! I am so happy. I hope spring is coming soon. Now I can drink my tea even better then before. Thank you thank you!!

  6. sorry for my english .. i just had to look up what errands mean ... :-S now i know! <3

  7. beautiful spoon...!

  8. Nice to "meet" you Coco :) Beutiful images, lovely images of teacup.

    Happy season ~ Aina

  9. Thanks for you visit:). I love your blog, lovely images... will be coming back.
    Marry Christmas:) x

  10. hi coco!
    well i don't know, if European people can speak REALLY 2 or 3 languages. when i think of me: i learned English and French in school. but that was years ago, and in the last years i never applied French and some English words are also forgotten, because i do not need them.
    it is good to read some blogs to refresh the languages, i think.
    what is your profession,coco?

  11. i like this kind of afternoon, and that's what I am doing now as well, drinking tea ! :)

  12. @All of you ♡
    i also like to come visit your's and tried to leave comments but some don't have Name/URL part on your setting and i was unable to say hello.
    so, thanks for your lovely message and happy holiday to you.