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Friday, December 16, 2011


where i live, it was 11℃ today and the lowest was 4 ℃ today
i know my place is not as cold as snowy wintery places in northern world
but i live in a very old old building and it is not insulated well at all
in the freezing cold month, i feel like sitting on ice as i sit in my living room

today, i was thinking on the way home from work late at night,
to be honest, i wish this holiday month goes quikly
this time of year is very hard on single person like me
although i enjoy holiday things, when i work late and come home
so late, dark, cold... it is not helping
but at least i have something i enjoy
i will servive somehow
how was your day?


  1. Where i live (belgium) we're having a very rainy, dark, cold day! Luckily i'm home today so i don't have to go through it outside...
    And i'm looking forward to this evening! We're going to have yummy quiche at our friends and i get to cuddle my cute godchild Lowie :-)

    I'm sending you much warmth & hope for warmer weather soon again... feeling cold is no fun at all!

    Syl x

  2. Maybe my little give away can warm you up. I know how it feels when you are lonely at these cold days.

  3. It's been raining everyday for many weeks here.
    Sending you warm wishes :)

  4. Hi, you know I'm like that as well, hoping the holiday month goes quickly, even though I have family that really, really look forward to Christmas. Guess I'm a everyday-person, I like those everydays best. Big hugs sent from here.

  5. I 've have a flu but okey ...and i sent you a little packet (something you have liked so much)
    i wish you cosy weekend